Training Employees with Instructional Video


How Instructional Videos Can Be Beneficial For Training Employees

Many industries can benefit from offering their employees instructional training videos. Often, explaining something at the last minute, or directing employees to read a manual, doesn’t give them all the information they need to perform their tasks efficiently. Many people learn better by seeing what their duties are before being thrown into a busy workplace where longtime workers may not have the time to train or answer questions.

It’s not always possible to have someone present at an employee training seminar in person which is where these types of videos can come in handy. Employees can watch a video while taking notes or even practicing what they see on the screen while it’s playing. Below are a few examples of how instructional training videos can help the fast food, cleaning, and retail industries.


Fast food chains often choose to teach both new and seasoned employees by showing a variety of videos. They do this out of expediency, especially for new hires. It’s not practical to have managers and other staffers teaching someone while they have hungry customers to serve.

Instead, they train how to prepare various foods, soft drinks, and other offerings via a series of videos that individuals new to that particular business can watch. When the new employee shows up for their first day of work, they’ll have a much better understanding of what’s expected of them. There are fewer questions asked of previously trained workers, and customers get their orders quickly.

The cleaning industry is another area where training beforehand can be beneficial for all parties. Companies may use certain cleaning products for various tasks, and those products likely need to be handled in a certain way for safety practices. Appropriate training helps janitors, dishwashers, and others perform their duties in a way safe for them, other employees, and customers. Often these companies can place the video on their YouTube channel in a private playlists so that their new employees can view them and get the training without the employer repeating this task every time a new person needs training.

Retailers also expect employees to treat and address their customers in a certain way. It’s not at all beneficial for a manager to hire someone new and send them out on the floor without any idea about what they’re supposed to do. Showing training videos about what the company expects helps keep management, veteran sales people, and customers happy.

Although some businesses have used videos to train their employees for many years, they are much more efficient in today’s connected world. Regardless of the size of your business, if you have employees, consider training them with videos. They’re inexpensive, easy to create, and simple to share with new and old employees.