Starting And Building a Successful Janitorial Cleaning Service Business.


Starting And Building a Successful Cleaning Business.

When you want to start a business in the cleaning industry, you need to decide on the niche that you want to establish yourself in and then concentrate on building your business to cater to the needs of your niche market.

However, you don’t have to confine yourself to one market as it can be feasible to serve different markets by pursuing a suitable business strategy. Doing this will greatly enhance your overall profit.

There are several opportunities in the cleaning industry. However, they are divided into two major segments: consumer and commercial. Consumer segment consists primarily of residential maid services, carpet cleaners, window cleaners etc.

Commercial Services

Commercial cleaning deals with providing janitorial services and other cleaning services such as residential cleaning for real estate agents, pool cleaning, restaurant cleaning, office cleaning and window and carpet/upholstery cleaning services targeting businesses over individual consumers.

Even though cleaning business does not require specialize knowledge to be successful, a good education, accounting knowledge, and managerial capabilities can be assets. Web design skills can help save a lot of money to create and maintain a website to promote your business.


Regardless of the niche that you choose, you need to price your service correctly to ensure that you earn profits. It is usually a good idea to charge a consolidated price for the whole job depending on the locality, size, cost of living and other conditions of the place you want to start your business.

Research the Competition

A little research on existing competition can help you get some pricing information that will help you set the correct price for your cleaning quotes. You have to ensure that you offer competitive rates that will make people want to hire your company.

If you will be working personally, you must put a price on your labor and practice by cleaning your own home to know the time it takes to perform certain cleaning jobs. To succeed in the cleaning industry, you need to develop a trusting relationship with your potential clients.


Your customers will be allowing you into their home and it is very important that you do everything you can to gain their trust. For example, it may be a good idea to invest in proper business insurance to gain trust.

Marketing Plan

Finally, you need to come up with a marketing plan. Take your time and come up with a unique marketing plan and then follow it diligently. Any marketing plan will take some time to work, this is why patience is essential. Stick with it and you will eventually get positive results.

Starting and building a cleaning business should not be a difficult thing to do. Just follow the tips in this article and you will be on your way to owning a successful, low-maintenance cleaning business.